Day 285: Isle Of The Dead (1945)

img_6490I’ve said it on my other blog and that is I am always trying to find new and different ways to watch films. I am a huge fan of classic horror and that is where the Turner Classic Movies APP Watch TCM comes into play. So for today’s film, I chose to use the app and watch the film Isle Of The Dead which was released in 1945. It’s 1912 and Greece has been in a very long war that has worn out a lot of men. Gen. Nikolas Pherides (Boris Karloff) a.k.a. The Watchdog, is definitely one of those men especially known for his stuff and unrelenting tactics. One day after visiting an island in the Balkans, the general is afraid that a plague is spreading among the residents so he forces a quarantine lock down. During the lock down however, fear that one of the people in the house is a vampire begins to spread and chaos ensues. The film also stars Ellen Drew (The Man From Colorado) as Thea, Marc Cramer (The Bachelor and the Ballot) as Oliver Davis, Alan Napier (Marnie) as St. Aubyn, Ernst Deutsch (The Golem) as Dr. Drossos, Helene Thimig (Cloak And Dagger) as Madame Kyra, and the film was directed by Mark Robson (Valley Of The Dolls). To see the rest of the review please click here to go to Moshpits and Movies.

Day 271: The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

img_6393I have already used Netflix, HBOGO, Redbox, Showtime Anytime, Encore Play, MAXGO, and so many other services to watch my films for this challenge except for an app. It is most certainly not Sunday, but I couldn’t resist trying my TCM App on my phone to watch a film for this week. The film I chose for today is the crime/drama, Film Noir classic The Postman Always Rings Twice. For Nick Smith (Cecil Kellaway) it seems like he has it all from a burger/restaurant/gas station and the perfect beautiful wife named Cora (Lana Turner). It’s perfect until a drifter by the name of Frank Chambers (John Garfield) shows up on his restaurant doorstep looking for a job. Frank is a very hard worker and that pleases Nick, but then Frank and Cora will begin a tumultuous relationship with each other. It gets so serious between the two that they will soon begin to plot his murder so that they can start over in love with each other. The question is though, can they see it through and will they get away with it. The film also stars Hume Cronyn (The Pelican Brief) as Arthur Keats, Leon Ames (Tora! Tora! Tora!) as Kyle Sackett, Audrey Totter (Lady in the Lake) as Madge Gorland, and the film was directed by Tay Garnett (Bataan).

img_6394Throughout the film, Frank is the one narrating the story so you automatically know he had to survive this ordeal, but how? That you will have to find out for yourself, but as far as Film Noirs are concerned, this was a very good one. It runs a little too long for my liking and at one point I thought they could have ended the film, but it’s justified after you see it if you know what I mean. The acting in the film was the strong part of the film as each of the main three delivered spectacular performances that had me intrigued to continue. The only thing is that the writing needed a bit of a touch up as Lana Turner’s character flip flops on you many times during the critical hours, but its not too big of a deal (you end up understanding why). I am also not complaining about Lana Turner because as I said, the acting was amazing. This film was considered her best work of her whole career. In fact, the film’s success opened up the doors for the genre as MGM head Louis B Mayer hated the genre. The film also set a fashion trend in post-World War II America as Lana’s swim gear became a hit among women. The film is legendary even all the way to today (check out Kill Bill 2 and what David Carradine’s character says). If you get a chance to see this movie, I definitely would. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade.