Day 200: Alien (1979)

alienBelieve it or not, I was never a huge fan of science fiction films growing up as a kid and in fact I preferred horror movies over them. With all the talk of a new Alien film, I figured what better time than now to see all the films in the franchise and start with the film Alien. A space merchant vessel known as the Nostromo is heading back to Earth after a routine pick up of whatever the cargo is. The crew is nice and asleep in their pods during the long and strenuous travel when they are awoken by MOTHER which is the ships computer. They discover that there is a distress signal from somewhere in space and protocol says that they have to investigate. After investigating the call, one of the crew members is attacked by something and they bring aboard a master alien specie that is takes no prisoners. The crew has to figure out a way to get safely home and away from the alien before it’s too late. The film stars Tom Skerritt (Top Gun) as Dallas, Sigourney Weaver (1492: Conquest Of Paradise) as Ripley, Veronica Cartwright (The Witches Of Eastwick) as Lambert, Harry Dean Stanton (The Green Mile) as Brett, John Hurt (Hellboy) as Kane, Ian Holm (The Fifth Element) as Ash, Yaphet Kotto (The Running Man) as Parker, Bolaji Badejo as the Alien, and the film was directed by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner).

alien 1So, I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised with how much I really liked the film. One thing I noticed about spaceships in space carrying humans and that is all of them are run by a computer that malfunctions. For example in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Hal 9000 runs the ship and basically kills everyone while MOTHER runs the ship in Alien and she’s not very helpful.  Humans will never learn throughout time that we should never trust a computer. Nevertheless, the computer in this film is obviously the least of their troubles as they are being chased around and killed by an amazing H.R. Giger designed Alien. Now that is a pretty scary scenario if you ask me, but the beauty of the film wasn’t how much you saw the alien, it was where the hell was he. The film gave you that Jaws effect where you are wondering where on this creepy ship is that scary alien. When it’s time to go, they give you the alien on the ship. The film contained a small cast, but this cast is as brilliant as it gets with the likes of John Hurt, Harry Dean Stanton, etc. As I said above, I was never a huge fan of Sci-Fi films so I avoided watching these, but I am glad that I started because it has a brilliant story and sets. The cinematography and the editing of the film is also a strong point for the film. That is why I am going to give the film an A for a final grade.

Day 94: Kull The Conqueror (1997)

kullWith less than a week away from Super Megafest which happens in Marlboro, MA. I wanted to watch a film that starred Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) as he will be one of the guests there. With a suggestion from a friend, I decided to check out Kull The Conqueror which stars Sorbo as the title character. You see Demons had once ruled the land under the rule of the evil Akivasha until they were banished by the Gods. We fast forward in time and the King of Valusia has gone mad after one of his heirs tries to challenge him for the throne.A barbarian known as Kull (Sorbo) ends up defeating the king and he in turn becomes the king. Another heir is jealous at this fact and comes up with the plan of resurrecting an old witch Akivasha (Tia Carrere) to try and regain the throne of Valusia. The film also stars Thomas Ian Griffith (The Karate Kid, Part III) as General Taligaro, Litefoot (The Indian In The Cupboard) as Ascalante, Roy Brocksmith (Total Recall) as Tu, Harvey Fierstein (Mrs. Doubtfire) as Juba, Karina Lombard (Legends Of The Fall) as Zareta, Edward Tudor-Pole (Quills) as Enaros, Douglas Henshall (The Eagle) as Ducalon, Sven-Ole Thorsen (The Running Man) as King Borna, and the film was directed by John Nicolella (Sunset Heat).

kull 2Reading some of the facts about the film made a whole lot of sense to me because if this was released as a Conan film, it would have been the straight to video sequel that we have seen happen in so many different franchises. This film was supposed to be titled Conan The Conqueror, but Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t want to reprise his role and Sorbo took over. Well, then Kevin didn’t want to be the guy that had to start things all over and so they changed it to Kull The Conqueror. While the idea was there, the execution was quite not for the most part in this film. There was some great special effects (which were bare minimum for a while), but when it came time for them, it was a little cheesy. Tia Carrere was very ht in this film with the red hair and she did a good job for the most part. Her counterpart in the film was Karina Lombard who was also beautiful in the film and she did an amazing job as well. These types of fantasy films can be great when they are done right or they can be just OK or cheesy. I for one am not a gigantic fan of the genre, but I definitely enjoyed the Conan films as a kid. The fight choreography is actual pretty decent with this film as some of the fight scenes can be a real highlight and I definitely enjoyed some of the set designs. Overall, it’s not a bad film, but I am going to give it an C+ because it’s not a great film.