Day 284: Blood Feast (1963)

blood-feastAnytime I ever watched a documentary on the genre of horror, they always talked about one director and one film that the director made because of it’s legendary status. Of course, I am talking about the only man who can rightfully call himself the Godfather of Gore in Herschell Gordon Lewis (Two Thousand Maniacs!) who directed today’s film in Blood Feast. There is a killer on the loose in the streets of Miami and the cops are having a hard time catching the guy or at least knowing who it is. The killer happens to be Egyptian caterer Faud Ramses (Mal Arnold) and he is killing women and he is stealing their body parts as part of a sacrifice. You see he is stealing them to resurrect an old Egyptian Goddess while the police scramble to end the madness. The film also stars William Kerwin (Two Thousand Maniacs!) as Det. Pete Thorton, Connie Mason (The Godfather: Part II) as Suzette Fremont, Scott H. Hall (Color Me Blood Red) as Frank-Police Captain, Sandra Sinclair (Scum of the Earth) as Pat Tracey, Christy Foushee (Scum of the Earth) as Trudy Sanders, Louise Kamp as Janet Blake, Gene Courtier as Tony, and Jerome Eden (Color Me Blood Red) as High Priest. To see the rest of the review, please click here to go to Moshpits and Movies.