Day 123: Metropolis (1927)

metropolisFor today’s film, I chose to see Metropolis and it’s a silent film classic from the master of German Expressionist films Fritz Lang (M). The movie stars Gustav Fröhlich (Asphalt) as Freder – Joh Fredersen’s Son, a boy who has grown up on the richer side of life thanks to his father Joh Fredersen who runs Metropolis. One day when he sees a woman named Maria (Brigitte Helm), he notices that the lower working class is being treated like slaves. So, he decides to go in undercover and figure out what it is he can do to help. He discovers that Maria is some sort of guiding light for the workers and he decides to help her, but an inventor has a different idea of his own. He will employ his machine man who assumes the identity and look of Maria to fool the people into believing that their savior is not coming. Can Freder save the day before it’s too late or will the evil inventor succeed. The film also stars Rudolf Klein-Rogge (The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse) as The Inventor, Fritz Rasp (The 3 Penny Opera) as The Thin Man, Theodor Loos (M) as Josaphat, Heinrich George (The Stationmaster) as Grot, and Alfred Abel (Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler) as Joh Fredersen.

metropolis 3For a film that was made in 1927, it was definitely a visually stunning film and it’s no wonder it holds it’s worth as a classic. They tell you in the beginning of the the film that they tried their best to restore it to it’s original form, but some of the film was damaged. You’ll definitely notice during the film all the different pieces of film that they tried to piece together because it’s obvious. Like I said, the visuals in the film are just stunning to see from the robot, the city itself, and some of the other visuals like the seven deadly sins (as you can see to your left). The story is an amazing one that can relate to just about anytime frame even though this takes place ten years from now in 2026. Think about, we live in a climate where it seems like the rich are getting richer while the poor are staying poor. When that happens usually the poor will rise against it and that is the premise of this film. There are no audible lines in this film, so the acting skills of the actor had to be on check for these films to work and believe me they were amazing. There body language most certainly told the story  as they conveyed the characters feelings onto the screen. The film was definitely ahead of it’s time and I am so glad that they were able to restore it enough that we can enjoy it as it’s immortalized from 16MM to digital. I am going to give the film an A for a final grade. Check it out for yourselves on Netflix right now.

metropolis 2