Movie Of The Week: Hands Of Stone (2016)

Hands-of-Stone-2016-700x987We are closely approaching a major decision here that I will be sure to make sure that all of you know when it becomes official. For now, we are continuing right along with our next movie of the week and this week’s is one that I have been dying to see for a little while now. There are two things that you can count on from me and that is one I am a huge fan of films that are based on true stories and the second is that I am a huge fan of the sport of boxing. When you combine those two things then I have to watch which is the case with this week’s film Hands Of Stone. The film follows the journey of not just legendary lightweight boxer Roberto Durán (played by Edgar Ramírez) and his rise from poverty in Panama to world champion, but it also follows that of his legendary trainer Ray Arcel (played by Robert De Niro) and his return to the sport he loved and had to let go of for a while. Watch as their journey for respect goes through it’s trials and tribulations. The film also stars Usher Raymond (The Faculty) as Sugar Ray Leonard, Ana de Armas (War Dogs) as Felicidad Iglesias, Pedro Perez as Plomo, Rubén Blades (Predator 2) as Carlos Eleta, Óscar Jaenada (The Shallows) as Chaflan, and the film was directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz.

handsOne of my favorite things about the film was definitely the acting from De Niro, Ramírez, and even Usher Raymond. They did an amazing job of painting who Sugar Ray Leonard was back in the day and they fear they had of his boxing style which by the way is not a fear of whether he’ll hurt you or not. However they do portray Roberto as this immature punk kid who has never been disciplined in his life because of how amazing of a boxer he was. They portray him at times to be the uneducated idiot with gloves who couldn’t see the bigger picture. What they do eventually show is his maturity and accent into manhood later in the film. They do a pretty good job with the fight choreography which you have to give kudos to as they try to cut an hour fight into mere minutes and that is difficult because you have to choose the best moments. One of the other things about the film that I loved was the beautiful Ana de Armas who plays Roberto’s wife the film because she was not only great, but she had some amazing scenes in the film (see pic below). Other than that, it was a pretty decent film and it had some amazing cinematography to boot especially the scenes in Panama. The film does at times show how easy it is for a child to grow to hate America just on what he went through and saw in his life. You’ll understand what I am talking about throughout the film. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade.

Ana de Armas Hands Of Stone

Day 176: The Shallows (2016)

shallowsI figured since Shark Week starts officially this Sunday on The Discovery Channel that I would kick it off for this blog a couple of days early. That is right people, I am going to try and watch shark movies for a whole entire week and I am starting with the one film that kicks off the talks in The Shallows. All Nancy (Blake Lively) wants to do is catch some waves on a secret beach in Mexico that her mother had gone when she was pregnant with her. You see Nancy is kind of going through a life dilemma at the moment and catching some waves is the perfect remedy to help forget your troubles. The only problem is that when she goes out to catch one final wave before calling it a day, she gets stranded and hunted by a shark who just won’t quit once he got a taste of her. Now she has exactly 24 hours before high tide to try and make a move for safety before the shark makes a meal out of her. The film also stars Óscar Jaenada (Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) as Carlos, Brett Cullen (Ghost Rider) as Dad, Sedona Legge (Torn) as Chloe, and the film was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Run All Night).

the-shallows-blake-lively-sony-530x301I have to admit that going into this movie that I was not expecting a whole heck of a lot because I figured it would be a dumb movie with a big Hollywood actress. In my opinion, it was actually a little far from that because I enjoyed cringing and turning away from the film in the various moments in the film. I thought the film was excellently shot and well acted by the few actors in the film. The standout star award goes to Steven Seagull which is an actual seagull who is hurt and keeps her company throughout the whole ordeal. The shark moments in the film are actually pretty scary or at least they were to me because I am terrified of those things. This film definitely makes it harder for me to go into the water or to even try to attempt to surf. I don’t know what people are complaining about when it comes to this film because it’s pretty straightforward and it’s realistic. I say that because not only does she have to worry about a shark, but she also has to worry about what else is in the ocean that could harm her too. I’ll let you watch the film for yourself to know exactly what I am talking about with that last statement. The film didn’t have a lot of actors, but I think that worked in there favor because it was almost unnecessary. So, its safe to say that I had a lot of fun, but is it the greatest shark movie ever made? Well, I have my own opinion as far as that is concerned, but I’ll let you be the judge. I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.