Day 178: Open Water (2003)

open-water-movie-poster-2004-1020251860Now that it is Sunday, this is the official start of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, but as you all know we had a couple days head start here. The film I chose for today is one that I really don’t remember seeing so I decided to check out Open Water on Netflix. For Susan (Blanchard Ryan) and Daniel (Daniel Travis), all they want is the perfect getaway vacation as life has gotten a little hectic for them. While on vacation, they decided to do some deep water diving to swim with the wildlife, but there is only one problem. The couple are left behind by accidentally and stranded in the middle of the ocean with no way of getting back. Now, the couple have to try and survive the ocean that is filled with sharks in hopes that someone will come by to rescue them. The film also stars Saul Stein (General Hospital) as Seth, Michael E. Williamson as Davis, Cristina Zenato (Nova) as Linda, John Charles as Junior, Estelle Lau (Grind) as Estelle, and the film was directed by Chris Kentis (The Shark Is Still Working). The film is apparently based on a true story.


So one of my big problems with the film is that for a movie that features a shark on the poster, you hardly see any shark attacks. The idea of a shark bite is implied in the film and you assume that they are biting or getting anxious to eat. A lot of the time in the film, you see them swimming around and circling the couple, but not much else. The film is trying to pull at your fear of being left stranded in the middle of the ocean with no where to go which is something that would terrify me. So, I’ll give them credit for that, but not for much else because I wanted to see some shark attacks. The acting was pretty good from Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis as you see them breakdown during the time that they are in the ocean. One cool thing about the film is Blanchard Ryan’s rack that you get to see in the beginning, but none much else than that. I didn’t really like the video quality at times during the film even though they did shoot the film with handheld cameras on a shoestring budget. Other than that, I enjoyed their deep water shots and other shots of the open water. One thing I will emphasize again, if you are looking for a Jaws like film from this, then turn around cause it’s not here. The film I read is based on a true story about a couple that were left behind on the great barrier reef back in 1998. The film is available on Netflix, if you do choose to watch it and with that being said I am giving the film an B- for a final grade.