Day 278: Nekromantik (1987)

nekroThere are films in the world that gain so much buzz over being controversial that sometimes you just have to see it for yourself. That was definitely the case with today’s film Nekromantik which was banned in seven or maybe even more countries out there in the world, but it’s available on Shudder. Robert Schmadtke (Bernd Daktari Lorenz) is a street sweeper who gets called every time someone dies and they need them to take the bodies away. What his company doesn’t know is that Robert likes to take various bodies and body parts home for his and his girlfriend Betty’s (Beatrice Manowski) own enjoyment if you catch my drift. One day after showing up late to work, Robert gets fired and has to face Betty with the band news. After she walks out on him, everything in Robert’s world turns upside down. The film also stars Harald Lundt (Der Todesking: The Death King) as Bruno, Colloseo Schulzendorf as Joe, Henri Boeck as Joe’s Streetcleaning Agency (J.S.A.) Employee, Volker Hauptvogel (Schramm: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer) as Man With Gun, Harald Weis as Dead In Garden, Suza Kohlstedt (The Neverending Story III) as Vera, and the film was written and directed by Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik 2). To see the rest of the review on the film, please click here to visit Moshpits and Movies.