Day 275: Puppet Master 2 (1990)

puppet-master-2It’s October 1st which can only mean one thing and that it is the countdown to Halloween has officially begun. That also means that Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween has officially begun and taken over the blog as well. We start off the month long blog post today with Puppet Master 2 as the choice for today’s. A team of paranormal researchers decide that they want to investigate a hotel that once housed famous European puppeteer Andre Toulon (Steve Welles). What the team doesn’t realize is that a gang of puppets that belonged to Toulon have resurrected him from the dead. The puppets are then assigned a task of stealing the brain fluid from the team in order to transfer himself into new bodies. Will the team survive or will they fall victim to his sinister plan? The film also stars Elizabeth Maclellan (Crash And Burn) as Carolyn Bramwell/Elsa, Collin Bernsen (General Hospital) as Michael Kenney, Greg Webb (The Baron And The Kid) as Patrick Bramwell, Charlie Spradling (To Sleep With A Vampire) as Wanda, Jeff Celentano (American Ninja 2: The Confrontation) as Lance, Nita Talbot (Night Shift) as Camille, George ‘Buck’ Flower (They Live) as Matthew, Sage Allen (Ed) as Martha, and the film was directed by David Allen (Ghostbusters II). To see the rest of the review, please click here to go to Moshpits and Movies.

Day 178: Open Water (2003)

open-water-movie-poster-2004-1020251860Now that it is Sunday, this is the official start of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, but as you all know we had a couple days head start here. The film I chose for today is one that I really don’t remember seeing so I decided to check out Open Water on Netflix. For Susan (Blanchard Ryan) and Daniel (Daniel Travis), all they want is the perfect getaway vacation as life has gotten a little hectic for them. While on vacation, they decided to do some deep water diving to swim with the wildlife, but there is only one problem. The couple are left behind by accidentally and stranded in the middle of the ocean with no way of getting back. Now, the couple have to try and survive the ocean that is filled with sharks in hopes that someone will come by to rescue them. The film also stars Saul Stein (General Hospital) as Seth, Michael E. Williamson as Davis, Cristina Zenato (Nova) as Linda, John Charles as Junior, Estelle Lau (Grind) as Estelle, and the film was directed by Chris Kentis (The Shark Is Still Working). The film is apparently based on a true story.


So one of my big problems with the film is that for a movie that features a shark on the poster, you hardly see any shark attacks. The idea of a shark bite is implied in the film and you assume that they are biting or getting anxious to eat. A lot of the time in the film, you see them swimming around and circling the couple, but not much else. The film is trying to pull at your fear of being left stranded in the middle of the ocean with no where to go which is something that would terrify me. So, I’ll give them credit for that, but not for much else because I wanted to see some shark attacks. The acting was pretty good from Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis as you see them breakdown during the time that they are in the ocean. One cool thing about the film is Blanchard Ryan’s rack that you get to see in the beginning, but none much else than that. I didn’t really like the video quality at times during the film even though they did shoot the film with handheld cameras on a shoestring budget. Other than that, I enjoyed their deep water shots and other shots of the open water. One thing I will emphasize again, if you are looking for a Jaws like film from this, then turn around cause it’s not here. The film I read is based on a true story about a couple that were left behind on the great barrier reef back in 1998. The film is available on Netflix, if you do choose to watch it and with that being said I am giving the film an B- for a final grade.

Day 33: Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (1993)

batmanI was inspired today by a simple conversation and there was an animated film that I had never seen that I wanted to. I chose to watch the 1993 animated film Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm which featured the voice of Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series) as Batman. In the film, a mysterious figure is murdering all of the crime bosses of Gotham City and it’s getting blamed on Batman. All of these things are starting to happen as soon as an old flame (Dana Delany) from Batman’s past re-enters his life. Now it’s up to Batman to find out just who is killing these men before anyone else is taken out for good, but he’ll have to dig deep to figure it out. The film also stars Mark Hamill (Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope) as The Joker, Hart Bochner (Die Hard) as Arthur Reeves, Stacey Keach (American History X) as Phantasm, Abe Vigoda (The Godfather) as Sal Valestra, Dick Miller (Gremlins) as Chuckie Sol, Efrem Zimbalist Jr (Hot Shots!) as Alfred, Bob Hastings (General Hospital) as Commissioner Gordon, John P. Ryan (It’s Alive) as Buzz Bronski, and the film was directed by Eric Radomski and Bruce W. Timm.

jokerI want to start this by saying that I absolutely loved this film and if you were a fan of that Batman: The Animated Series (which was the best) then you will love this one. You can’t have a Batman film without The Joker and he makes an appearance in this one. Mark Hamill created an iconic voice for The Joker that is absolutely untouchable in my opinion. The great thing is that both Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are returning for the rated R animated film The Killing Joke and that has me excited. The film has all the aesthetics that you loved about the animated series where it’s dark and it takes place in the 50’s so the clothing and styles are amazing. The film kind of goes an explains a little about Batman’s past through some flashbacks that we get about his relationship with Andrea and how he got started as Batman. I also love the hints of comedy that they throw into the film as well with Alfred and his untimely entrances into a room when Bruce is busy with the ladies. The film is amazing, the story is great, and the kids can certainly watch it and I suggest you educate them on this series as it’s still untouchable in my opinion. I am going to give Batman: The Mask Of Phantasm an A- for a final grade.