Day 275: Puppet Master 2 (1990)

puppet-master-2It’s October 1st which can only mean one thing and that it is the countdown to Halloween has officially begun. That also means that Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween has officially begun and taken over the blog as well. We start off the month long blog post today with Puppet Master 2 as the choice for today’s. A team of paranormal researchers decide that they want to investigate a hotel that once housed famous European puppeteer Andre Toulon (Steve Welles). What the team doesn’t realize is that a gang of puppets that belonged to Toulon have resurrected him from the dead. The puppets are then assigned a task of stealing the brain fluid from the team in order to transfer himself into new bodies. Will the team survive or will they fall victim to his sinister plan? The film also stars Elizabeth Maclellan (Crash And Burn) as Carolyn Bramwell/Elsa, Collin Bernsen (General Hospital) as Michael Kenney, Greg Webb (The Baron And The Kid) as Patrick Bramwell, Charlie Spradling (To Sleep With A Vampire) as Wanda, Jeff Celentano (American Ninja 2: The Confrontation) as Lance, Nita Talbot (Night Shift) as Camille, George ‘Buck’ Flower (They Live) as Matthew, Sage Allen (Ed) as Martha, and the film was directed by David Allen (Ghostbusters II). To see the rest of the review, please click here to go to Moshpits and Movies.

Day 196: The Fundamentals Of Caring (2016)

fundamentalsI have been wondering to myself if Netflix is going to be the it thing in the entertainment business (if they’re already not). They produce everything from original series, comedy specials, and films like today’s The Fundamentals Of Caring. The film stars Paul Rudd (I Love You, Man) as Ben Benjamin, a former writer who is kind of down and out in life who decides to become a caregiver. He becomes the caregiver of Trevor (Craig Roberts), a teen with muscular dystrophy whose just cruising through life himself. Despite his mother Elsa’s (Jennifer Ehle)concerns, Ben takes Trevor on a road trip to see some of the United States roadside attractions. Together, the two will bond and they’ll discover themselves on this journey that changes their perspectives on life. The film also stars Selena Gomez (Spring Breakers) as Dot, Julia Denton (Devil’s Due) as Janet, Ashley White (The Conjuring) as Cute Travel Channel Girl, Megan Ferguson (Bad Moms) as Peaches, Samantha Huskey as Kaitlin, Bobby Cannavale (The Bone Collector) as Cash, Frederick Weller (The Business Of Strangers) as Bob, Bill Murphey (The Fat Boy Chronicles) as Mike, Matt Mercurio (Miracles From Heaven) as EMT, and the film was directed by Rob Burnett (Ed).

2016-06-25-1466812921-7222926-FundamentalsofCaring1KissI have to be honest in saying that at first I thought the film was going to be bad i  just the way it started. You see Paul Rudd’s name attache to it and you immediately think comedy, but the film starts off kind of slow and a little dark. He’s a guy that has absolutely nothing going for him because he wife wants a divorce, he no longer writes, and Trevor’s kind of a dick to him. That however is when things start to get good and it just gets better as the film goes along. Rudd and Roberts make a great team and you can see it as the film goes along and it gets better when Gomez joins the duo on the road. The film may have some moments of drama, but there is plenty of subtle comedy in the film. I will however say that the comedy in the film isn’t stupid comedy or slapstick comedy, but rather a little dark with some smart comedy thrown in there. I really have to say though that I really loved Selena Gomez and her character in the film which was mysterious yet bad ass. Some of my favorite moments in the film were the pranks they pulled on each other (well Trevor gets the best of him most of the time) cause those were the fun moments of the film. This is definitely a fun film to watch and if you’re a fan of Paul Rudd, then I say check it out. I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.