Day 109: Summer Job (1989)

summer jobIt has been quite some time since the last time I did a Cheeseball Cinema entry for the blog. With my 365 Movies challenge that I am also doing, I figured it was never too late to get one in. For today’s Cheeseball Cinema film, we chose the 1989 screwball comedy Summer Job which centers around a Florida tennis club/resort where college students are hired to work. For Kathy (Sherrie Rose), she has high hopes for her last summer at the resort as she was hired to be the supervisor. Unfortunately, she has to deal with a less than desirable bunch of Coeds who are looking to just get laid over the summer. The only catch s that of they want their end of the summer bash, they’ll have to get along and not screw too much up at the resort. The film also stars Amy Lynn Baxter (Bikini Bistro) as Susan, Cari Mayor (Lauderdale) as Donna, Renee Shugart (Screwball Hotel) as Karen, Chantal (General Hospital) as Barbara, George Ortuzar (Folks) as Herman, Fred Bourdin (South Beach Academy) as Bruce, Dave Clouse as Bob, Kirt Earhardt as Tom, James Summer as Jack, Jim Pelish (Can It Be Love) as Mr. Jacobs, and the film was directed by Paul Madden. To continue reading the article, please click this link.