Day 42: The Girl With The Dragon (2009)

girlEver since the release of the American version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I never understood what the fuss was all about. So, I decided that before I watch that that I should check out the original version which was made in Sweden. The film stars Noomi Rapace (The Drop) as Lizbeth and Michael Nyqvist (John Wick) as Mikael Blomkvist, two different people from different worlds. Mikael is a disgraced reporter who tried to expose a CEO of a company and was basically ruined and sentenced to jail. Lizbeth is very different as she has had a very rough beginning to her life, but works as a spy basically for companies. One day, Mikael is hired by a wealthy man to figure out the disappearance of a niece of his 40 years before. Together with Lizbeth, the two will stop at nothing to figure out what happened to her. The film also stars Sven-Bertil Taube (The Eagle Has Landed) as Henrik Vagner, Peter Haber (Beck) as Martin Vagner, Peter Andersson (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) as Nils Bjurman, Björn Granath (The American) as Gustav Morell, David Dencik (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) as Janne Dahlman, and the film was directed by Niels Arden Oplev (Dead Man Down).

the-girl-with-the-dragon-tattooLet me tell you that if you want to see a movie with some pretty intense and graphic scenes, then this is definitely it. There are a couple of rape scenes in the film that Lizbeth is apart of, but other than the movie is actually smart and engaging. You’re glued to the TV set wondering if Mikael and Lizbeth are going to solve the mystery that has plagued the family. The film is actually very clever in that department because at first I didn’t see it coming. I thought for sure that they were never going to solve the mystery and right when they figure it out, you are like wow I should have seen that coming. At first the film is like two different parts because one part, you are getting to know the both of them separately before they come together. The Lizbeth scenes in the first hour can get a little uncomfortable for some, but if you can get past that then you’ll see that the film is brilliant. The second half is all about them teaming up to figure out the case and it gets a little personal between the two of them. You really see Lizbeth grow a little in the second half of the film. I originally was watching The Drop when I was curious as to what films Noomi Rapace was in and that is when I discovered that she was in these films. I’m definitely glad that I decided to check them out for myself and I look forward to the other films in the series. One thing that I will warn you is that the film is in Swedish with Subtitles. So, if you can also look past that, you will enjoy it for sure. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade.