Day 285: Isle Of The Dead (1945)

img_6490I’ve said it on my other blog and that is I am always trying to find new and different ways to watch films. I am a huge fan of classic horror and that is where the Turner Classic Movies APP Watch TCM comes into play. So for today’s film, I chose to use the app and watch the film Isle Of The Dead which was released in 1945. It’s 1912 and Greece has been in a very long war that has worn out a lot of men. Gen. Nikolas Pherides (Boris Karloff) a.k.a. The Watchdog, is definitely one of those men especially known for his stuff and unrelenting tactics. One day after visiting an island in the Balkans, the general is afraid that a plague is spreading among the residents so he forces a quarantine lock down. During the lock down however, fear that one of the people in the house is a vampire begins to spread and chaos ensues. The film also stars Ellen Drew (The Man From Colorado) as Thea, Marc Cramer (The Bachelor and the Ballot) as Oliver Davis, Alan Napier (Marnie) as St. Aubyn, Ernst Deutsch (The Golem) as Dr. Drossos, Helene Thimig (Cloak And Dagger) as Madame Kyra, and the film was directed by Mark Robson (Valley Of The Dolls). To see the rest of the review please click here to go to Moshpits and Movies.

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